Achieving success in passing the State Board for Class 10 examination is crucial. That’s why you have to know some tip to study. Regardless of the career path you choose, after getting through your Class 10 examination. 

The board exams in Class 10 are among the most crucial exams students will ever have to pass. More difficult is getting an ideal score on an exam that will have an enormous impact on your future academic success and especially so given that the syllabus for class 10 is as extensive. 

The amount of anxiety and tension in students grows when the exam date gets closer. Due to this, it is recommended to maintain an organized study plan in order to avoid anxiety-provoking last-minute panic!

Classes 10- State board exams resulted in the perfect 10-point CGPA during 2018 with more than 206138 students. 

So, stop worrying about whether you’ll score higher than these students right in the near future. Instead, create an study schedule that is suited to your needs adhere to it and work hard to do excellently on the 10th test.

Each person’s strengths and weaknesses is distinct, as are their personal characteristics. This is the place to go If you’re looking for an example of a productive class 10th board study plan or understand how to create your own. 


If you are studying to take the Class 10 Board Exam, ensure that you have state-approved books on high on your list of books.

Strategy for 10th Board Exam Preparation


  • Create a list of the most important parts.
  • If you’re having difficulty understanding an entire chapter, you should give you more time to research it. Examine your syllabus for class 10 and devote more time to those chapters that carry the greatest significant weight. Make your study schedule for class 10 more appealing visually by adding different colors to different chapters or topics.
  • Break each task down into smaller pieces of time.
  • All you have to be doing is reading, reread and then practice! Doesn’t that sound easy? There are a few points you should remember when you divide the time you study:
  • Put Together a List of Doable Objectives
  • Set your schedule for the week or month ahead of time, by setting smaller, less frequent goals, such as an annual or weekly goal. If you write separate essays for every area, you’ll be more successful. Write down everything you want to learn, review or study. Make your class 10 study plan by keeping this in your head.
  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • It’s easy to know when you’re learning whether the topic or chapter is simple or challenging for you. Questions you may need to answer can be found through studying class 10 materials or by watching videos by reputable teachers who will assist you in understanding the. You’ll be able to improve your weaknesses in areas you’re weak. You should spend a little time on chapters that you can easily. Your strengths as well as weaknesses can be improved by doing this.
  • Have a few breaks in the middle of the day.
  • Pause every now and again between your lengthy studies. Do not study longer than 3 or 4 hours at a stretch since you’ll become tired and it won’t help. Make time to relax. Be sure to have plenty of for food, sleep and enjoy yourself. Every hour is a good idea that you take 15to 10-minute break.
  • Beware of boring routines By Planning ahead.
  • If it’s maths or English or any other, it’s probably your most-loved subject. However, is it a good idea to put in five hours of study time simply because you like it? The subject won’t be fascinating to you if you are doing the same thing over and over again. So, it is best to make time every day for a new topic and change the subject to keep it exciting.
  • Modifying your study schedule when you are prompted to do so, is acceptable but you must be aware that the estimated time for a specific subject might not be required. Be assured that you’ll learn to do it. But, if you do alter your schedule, you should utilize pencil.


Tips to Prepare based on the topic at hand


  • Mathematics, you realize, is all about repetition. To improve your ability to solve math problems the more you practice and practice, the better you’ll be able to remember the formula and tips to accomplish this in a shorter amount of time.
  • Create a list of the most commonly employed formulas, so you don’t have to read the same book time when you are revising.
  • Before starting any activity go over the examples, application and use of the formulas found in the book.
  • The first step to solving the issue is to study the issue, figure out the goals of the client and think about the best approach to take.
  • Begin revising when you’ve completed each exercise. Study past math assignments and attempt to take practice tests to determine if the fundamentals are mastered.
  • The final exam for your board is easier if you are aware of the areas you must increase your knowledge.


Physics, chemistry and biology comprise the majority of the curriculum for the science class. To increase your chances of passing future entrance tests, like JEE or NEET it is important to learn the basics in these three subjects.

Class 10 Physics exams comprise mostly of questions based on theorems. Direct formulas are also utilized in a few questions. Check out the last five years of physics class 10 papers and practice working on direct formula- and theorem-based problems.

If you’re looking to do very well in this highly-scored subject, be sure to be thorough in your study of chemical reactions. Makenotes of your lab experiments and then go over the theories in the book which is accompanied by the lab work. It’s a good idea to practice working
through sample questions and past years’ papers.

Scientific names and diagrams reign supreme in biology. Class 10 of CBSE Biology contains a myriad of vocabulary-rich terms. It is possible to save time and increase your speed of reading by making flash cards and then studying it during your revision.


While you’re studying a chapter note down the chapter. Write down the most fundamental formulas and their derivations along with the different terms and chemical reactions you come across on a daily basis. Utilize flashcards to help retain your notes once you’ve completed the course.

For all those science lessons, practice mock tests and solve examples of papers. Be certain to check your teacher’ answers.

Do you find the social classes to be boring? This is a popular belief in the minds of students! Make use of colorful charts, flashcards, humorous time-lines, and mnemonics to keep it engaging. It can help you learn more efficiently. Study your NCERT syllabus thoroughly and notes prior to taking test-like tests to ensure the most effective practice.

Don’t forget to refresh your knowledge of the Indian Constitution and the functions of the Indian parliament.

Alongside your notes from school, note down all the points you worry you’ll forget. Draw a calendar of important dates to help keep them in mind, and then look over last year’s work and weightage for each subject in all disciplines.

It is crucial to study a broad range of literature including science and fiction in order to better comprehend the world. There are many points being discussed here. The reading of a variety of books and subjects will help you to improve your vocabulary.


The market is filled with great grammar books. Check them out then work through the lesson and note down your notes while you work. There won’t be one grammatical mistake If you are practicing!

To achieve an excellent score for this CBSE 10th Board Exam, you need to follow the guidelines above and adhere to a strict schedule of study.

  • Give more time for subjects that are more difficult
  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted away from the studies.
  • Use flashcards and sticky notes to help you learn more efficiently.

Re-read what you’ve learned to date.

Keep your eyes on the prize and complete the last year’s assignments.

To assist you in preparing for your exam I’ve created an exhaustive guide to the study plan. Please let us know if have any queries about CBSE class 10 exam preparation, and we’ll respond to you as quickly as we can.